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Bilsta57 VF iPhone 2.0 Beta Firmware Decryptor

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Update: This Package now works for firmwares 1.1.3+

I have created yet another package that decrypts iPhone firmwares 2.0+ (Soon to be updated and will have native support for 1.1.4-) …

As I cannot make programs yet I tend to make packages (Annoying I know) lol ;) anyway.

With this package you just select what build of the 2.0 you have and it will decrypt it and mount it on the desktop (I will also have updates whenever a new 2.0 beta comes out and you will be able to decrypt them) …

And yes you can extract AppStore from the Applications folder in the un-encrypted image from the latest firmware build (5A258f) with this package.

But you have to remember to put your 2.0 beta firmware in your / directory (Usually called Leopard or Mac HD) its you main HD where OS X is installed.

95 Responses to “Bilsta57 VF iPhone 2.0 Beta Firmware Decryptor”

  1. Andy says:

    Bilsta: Thanks! Will PWN phone with it later today…

  2. hotsteak says:

    people been having trouble with the 32gb iPod Touch.

    Will it work with 32gb

    and you can Pwn 32gb I think.

    When installing 2.0 pwned on an iPod Touch. Does it already restore with the iPhone Apps instead of paying $20.

    Maybe the official release will have the iphone apps in the restore for the ipod

  3. hotstreak says:

    I need to know…

    If Once the official release of the 2.0 comes out. people are going to update

    and once it is released will the builds not have the pink/purple screen and you can update and be fine

  4. hotsteak says:

    hello bilsta?

  5. Bilsta57 says:

    @ Hotstreak: the 32GB iPod Touch should work if not try PWNAGE. Once 2.0 actually releases you will get the pink/purple screen on all the “old” betas but you wont ever get it on the final release of the 2.0 firmware :D .

    When you restore with PWNAGE using 2.0, you most likely wont have the apps you payed 20$ for. You will be able to recover them, if you have not re-installed mac or windows on the computer you bought it and installed it on.

  6. hotsteak says:

    The official release will have the black screen that’s good not the pink/purple screen

    I don’t get why it has those color screens. And I think it should be gone after the official release.

  7. hotsteak says:

    I wonder what apps will be in the AppStore.

    I hope not web apps that will suck!!

  8. Bilsta57 says:

    @Hotstreak: The AppStore has proper apps like 3rd party ones. And they use those screens to indicate that the firmware you are using is old and outdated lol :D . And yes web apps suck ass lol.

  9. hotsteak says:

    When Zibri get’s the iPhone 3g he’ll start working on the ziphone’s he all released
    to public

    And do you know when Ziphone for the iphone 2.0 will work with iPod touch

  10. hotsteak says:

    Probably the installer will work with iphone 2.0 because maybe he put the right frameworks.

    so you can have the AppStore and the Installer

  11. hotsteak says:

    I know I’m asking alot of question.

    But can you put or sync apps to the appstore. what if the appstore doesn’t have anything good from Apple.

  12. hotsteak says:

    how do people get on 1.1.2 BL 4.6.

    I only can get to 1.0.2 , 1.1.1 , 1.1.2, Baseband 04.03.03 , and 04.04.05

    installer works for 1.0.2 and 1.1.2+
    except 1.2 and 2.0’s

  13. hotsteak says:

    what about 1.1.5?

  14. hotsteak says:

    hello bilsta

    how much will 3g iphone cost

  15. hotstreak says:



    I am struggling I did something to my iMac 10.5 Leopard.

    can you find a torrent for me to reinstall it.

    the program messed it up was ghostreader.

    I really need a torrent!!!!!

  16. hotstreak says:


  17. hotstreak says:

    it’s not a joke!!!!!!

  18. Bilsta57 says:

    Can you comment on another blog post. Also the torrent is here: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3927057/OS_X_Leopard_10.5_FINAL_Retail if you use this it has all the drivers included for imacs.

  19. hotsteak says:



  20. hotsteak says:

    does anyone have sny idea how to edit internal code?

  21. Bilsta57 says:

    @Hotsteak: if your asking why you should comment on a new post its just cause this post is getting a little congested and Im going stop checkin it soon :D and nah I don’t know how to edit internal code as I have never had to.

  22. hotsteak says:


    but Monday there’s been rumors of firmware 2.0 Monday.

    I’ll stop checking.

  23. luqven says:

    I’m unable to get the first firmware that had the appstore so could somebody please email me or put a link to the itunes and Appstore apps. i can ssh e’m onto my phone i just cant get them…
    email: luqven2@mac.com

  24. hotsteak says:

    you mean 5A147p with AppStore And iTunesStore.

    Check your email luqven2@mac.com

  25. BLcardoz says:

    can you give me directions to get the app store on my 1.1.4 iphone?

  26. hotsteak says:


    it will crash in like 1 second.
    this build – AppStore and iTunesStore is not ready it say (cannot Connect)

    but here…

    Use pwnage tool for 5A147p. look up the build online. then once you found it, Go use Pwnage tool. then through the process it will show the encryption thing or whatever on your desktop. Click it then Application Get appstore copy to your desktop. press cancel when it says password after you did that.. Use 1.1.4 for pwnage tool. then do the same thing but drag the appstore to 1.1.4 Applications create your firmware restore!!!.

  27. BLcardoz says:

    what if i have 2.0 beta firmware 5A258F? Would that work or no?

  28. BLcardoz says:

    and i encrypted it… but then what do i do?

  29. BLcardoz says:

    hah never mind just found 5A147p at (((http://www.fulldls.com/torrent-others-1027948.html)))) for people trying to find it… but hotsteak lemme get this straight so once i download this i Pwd it, and Pwanage tool will recognize this?.. this after that can you explain in a little more detail, sorry im not the brightest person. thanks

  30. hotsteak says:

    their’s going to be a pwnage tool update (Pwnage Tool 1.2)

    5A258f doesn’t work yet till that update.

    on 1.1.4 every app needs too have the right frameworks

    otherwise it won’t work

  31. BLcardoz says:

    when do you think that will be?

  32. hotsteak says:

    A few weeks

    or maybe a few weeks after 2.0 comes out because the hackers are working on jailbreaks.

    and says do not upgrade. I hope the tools are ready soon. it said coming soon

  33. Bilsta57 says:

    @hotsteak: Wow I’m impressed, your turning into quite a hacker…… You can even answer my question’s :D nice job man!

  34. hotsteak says:

    I new how to do that stuff already.

    I’m on the computer everyday…

    I keep hacking my phone and restoring going back all the time…

    have you ever spoke to one of the Devs? Or do you know when Pwnage tool 1.2 update is ready

    Thanks Bilsta!!!

  35. Bilsta57 says:

    @hotsteak: They reckon that it should be out in a few days to a few weeks.

  36. hotsteak says:



    Will you be able to buy stuff from the AppStore on 5A258f and up.

    or its for the official release of 2.0. Zibri has a Countdown iphone launch on

  37. hotsteak says:


    And I am Dying to have the iPhone 3g!!!!

  38. hotsteak says:

    bilsta your installer source didn’t work

  39. hotsteak says:

    The dev team said the pwnage tool is only for 2.0. which ones?

    all from the SDK firmware builds?

  40. Bilsta57 says:

    @hotsteak: Dude, I barely check this thread….. could you post questions on here: http://bilsta57.com/Blog/?page_id=82 or preferably on another post. My installer source didn’t work because I never put any effort in it lol :D and PWNAGE tool should be able to do all of the old firmwares 1.1.3+ as it used to do but with the addition of the final 2.0 release.

  41. hotstreak says:

    Where can I find a thread that talks about this stuff.

    Do you know any websites

  42. admin says:

    @hotstreak: You can ask any question here: http://bilsta57.com/?page_id=46 :D

  43. hotstreak says:

    Yea Chat doesn’t work when I click submit

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