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How to install and set up pcsx2 (PS2 Emulator) on Windows, RAR File With BIOS Included

Sun, Jun 28, 2009

Console Hacks, Hacks

Ok so today I will be letting everyone know how to install and set up PCSX2 on Windows, So the first thing you need is this PCSX2 pre configured rar file which within this rar folder it contains the bios as well and some plugins and other stuff. Once you have that your going to need to un-rar it by using an unraring program I recommend Winrar which you can get from here:  WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.90 beta 3

Once you have un-rared everything just basically open up PCSX2 and get one of your old beloved PS2 game discs and put it into your DVD drive then open up PCSX2 and go to config>Cdvdrom from within PCSX2 and set the D drive as your DVD drive, generally it is the D drive if not just chose your DVD drive from the drop down menu and once that’s all configured just hit run and it will boot just like a real PS2 and it plays it straight off the disc just like a real PS2.


If you want to make multiple copies (better known as .iso files) of your original PS2 games you can and you can make them run off your hard drive by first ripping your original PS2 game using any .iso maker like Mindsoft’s iso maker then save the .iso file to your desktop, now to use .iso game backup files efficiently your going to change your DVD plugin, to do that go to config>Configure and choose EFP Iso CDVD Driver and go to Config>Cdvdrom to change where it will start or boot your ISO from its that easy e.g /Users/Example/Desktop/Example.iso .

The .rar archive will uncompress to about 100mb and it has everything you need in it to make it simple. One thing to note is that if you are from Australia you are going to want to go to Config>Configure and change the bios to Europe V2.0 14/06/2004 Console. and if you are from another country set your bios according to your country obviously.

Also remember that performance will vary depending on how good your computer is it may run at 50FPS or it could run at 20FPS there is not an error with the emulator if that happens it all depends on your system if its getting really bad FPS you can try the speed hacks in Config>Speed Hacks. **Like always please remember to use legitimate PS2 games that you bought and don’t be a bum and steal especially PS2 games, you can pick up pretty much any PS2 game off ebay for like $10 or less.**

7 Responses to “How to install and set up pcsx2 (PS2 Emulator) on Windows, RAR File With BIOS Included”

  1. brad says:

    @bilsta57 cool post man

    u have to talk about it on EP 29 THIS WEEK LOL

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    @brad: Cool man will do.

  3. know-orange. says:

    Thanks alot for sharing the useful post!
    i found a youtube video about xbox live hacks- that I would like to share: Xbox Live hacks!..
    but seriously, amazing post and thanks so much !!
    I look ahead to your next post !

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  5. Chris says:

    Gs plugin failed ? What should I do ?

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