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My favorite games of 2008-2009

Wed, May 6, 2009

Console Hacks

Ok as most of you know I dont talk about gaming that much but I thought for a change I would just give you a run down of my favorite games of 2008-2009 obviously 2009 is not over, duh, but I mean up to this month (May) anyway this will give you a very basic description of the game as well, so here is my list:

  • #1 GTA IV: this game was just fuc*ing great, it made you feel like you were Niko and you knew Roman thats how great and in depth the story line is its a must for anyone if you have not played it do yourself a favor and pick up a a copy :D.
  • #2 Saints Row 2: Yes this is like GTA IV but it does let you do things that you cant in GTA like fly planes and buy cribs and all of that good stuff the only thing that let it down was the fact that the story line was not as good as that of GTA IV but its definitely better than Saints Row 1 and its hard to say that about games because most of the time their previous or 1st game is better than the second so go out and rent or buy it today.
  • #3 Uncharted Drakes Fortune: This game was just great it provided me with hours and hours of gameplay and it just never got boring I couldn’t put down the controller literally, Also I will note that the developers who created this also created Crash Bandicoot so I highly recommend it its story line is amazing as well.
  • #4 50 cent Blood On The Sand: This game was, for me at least, very enjoyable, I am a 50 Cent fan so I guess that contributed to the fun-ness? if thats a word lol, but seriously it was a good game personally I don’t think it was as good as his previous Bulletproof game but either way it was an enjoyable experience and the graphics are crazy like all of his games, oh In case you didn’t know bulletproof had graphics waaay ahead of its days when it came out same with BOTS.
  • #5 The Godfather 2: Yes I have been waiting for this since 2005 and to say the least it was worth the wait, however, I hate to say it but the Godfather 1 the game was just a slight bit better anyhow this game is a must and if your a Godfather fan you will most likely enjoy it.
  • #6 Need For Speed Undercover: Well, I actually went of Need For Speed games due to their release of NFS Pro Street I personally think that NFS Pro Street was the worst in all of the series so when NFS Undercover came out I was wondering whether it would be better or the the same as NFS Pro street, I m pleased to announce that NFS Undercover is 100x better than Pro Street and you get to free roam that was the problem in with Pro Street they took away your freedom and put you on a racetrack wtf, isn’t it supposed to be street racing? anyway I really like Undercover it has great graphics and a great storyline and its definitely worth getting.

So thats my basic rundown of my favorite games of 2008-2009, hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it has inspired you to get or try some new games, maybe even try a new genre of games who knows you might like a game you thought you would not. Also check out Postal 2 and 3 there great games ;) well Postal 3 is set for release sometime this year but it looks great.

10 Responses to “My favorite games of 2008-2009”

  1. Brad says:

    @bilsta57 i agree gta4 is best i might too buy it for ps3 it like $100

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    @Brad: Yeh man its a good game.

  3. Brad says:

    @bilsta57 i just got GTA4 FOR $70.00 JB HI FI YOU GOT gta4 on ps3?

  4. Bilsta57 says:

    @Brad: Lol I have it for Xbox 360 only.

  5. Brad says:

    dude yo need buy some ps3 games lol

  6. Cal says:

    1. GTA IV
    2. FIFA 09
    3. Star Wars The Force Unleashed
    4. Little Big Planet
    5. COD 5

    All good games

  7. Bilsta57 says:

    @Cal: Hey man, nice list I haven’t played COD5 so I might go and pick that up I actually forgot to mention Little Big Planet thats a great game as well, thanks for commenting man.

  8. brad says:

    burnout is good as well

  9. Tomi Keye says:

    As everyone stated, “You Oughta Know” by Alinis Morrisette. Here’s a slice of trivia – from what I read she penned it about the guy from the show with the Olsin twins. She used to go steady him and he dumped her. He didn’t see how upset she was until he discovered the song.

  10. Altha Ralls says:

    This post was very useful for my research on games, thanks!

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