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How to install OSX86 10.5.1 on A Asus VX2S (Lamborghini Laptop)

Thu, Mar 13, 2008

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  1. **NOTE**INSTALL WINDOWS FIRST IF YOU WANT TO DUAL BOOT** …Ok…I FINALLY got OSX86 on my Lambo Laptop so here is the guide :P … ##You must follow Step 2 To Dual Boot Vista And OSX86 10.5.1##
  2. In Windows Open the vista start menu and right click the Computer tab and select manage then in the managed click on Disk Management and right Click your vista partition and select shrink volume and where it says size to shrink enter 50000 after its done right click that partition you just made and select new simple volumes and make it NTFS and tick quick format..Thats it!.
  3. Ok So first you need Kalyway 10.5.1 here is a Mega Upload Link (use MegaManager for best speeds) basically just download it then once its downloaded open the last zip file that you downloaded with winrar or just use the BOMarchiver in mac…
  4. now the password is b:z it will automatically unzip it then just burn the .iso file to a dvd I recommend Ashampoo or Nero for Windows and just use DiskUtility on mac….
  5. Once its burnt you then just put it into the DVD drive and once it boots type as follows once it says press any key hit F8 then type cpus=1 -v -x and from there it will boot let it sit there for a while
  6. once it has booted look on the top bar where it says utilities select that then press disk utility after that select your PARTITION YOU MADE FOR MAC ON WINDOWS on the left hand side and click on the Erase tab and enter the name you want the volume to be and hit erase make sure it says mac OSX Journled
  7. after its done exit out of that and select continue in the installer when you see a button that says Customize select it and select:
  8. (If you have windows installed it will be master boot record MBR!) so in the customize tab click the pc efi bootloader drop down arrow and DEselect EFi_Guid and select Efi_mbr and also up the top select both the Vanilla kernels… now hit Done and just click next it will start to install and once its done… your install wont boot so to fix it follow this :
  9. :
  • **UPDATE** I have Created a Universal Driver package that can be downloaded here 
  • All you have to do is follow instructions and it will install Audio, Graphics Drivers etc. DONT INSTALL NVINJECT DRIVERS AS I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO PUT THEM IN JUST DOWNLOAD GRAPHIC DRIVERS HERE
  • The Installer is customized for an Asus VX2S if you own one you don’t have to customize the install… if you don’t own an Asus VX2S/Lambo Laptop… customize it


  • Boot off “A” Vista DVD (Not the Restore DVD) and select repair my computer when it comes up… It will then say it cant.. so cancel out of that and open CMD in that menu (Command Prompt)
  • Ok now that youre in.. type the things INSIDE the * * …DONT INCLUDE THE * *… JUST THE TEXT:
  • *diskpart*
  • *list disk* hit enter
  • *select disk yourwindowsdisknumber*
  • *list Partition*
  • *select partition yourwindowspartitionnumber*
  • *active*
  • now exit out of Command Prompt and select repair computer now and it will actually repair then reboot and in windows download EasyBCD Here
  • Open EasyBCD and click on create or remove entries then click on the Mac tab and click on the drop down box and select Generic X86 PC
  • Now for some reason it couldn’t find my OSX86 Darwin Bootloader unless I made 2 Generic X86 PC entries at the minimum I don’t know why…so go ahead and do that
  • When you Reboot and select whatever you named the entries it will load your OSX86 bootloader and the windows bootloader All on one disk with 2 partitions


  • #Warning: Boot Time Takes over 6 Minutes! After the update proceed with caution# Download the Kalyway 10.5.2 Update and run it DONT INSTALL THE kalyway_10.5.2_kernels.pkg or It will break it…after you install Reboot and hit any key when asked to and enter ( cpus=1 -v -x -f )
  • Then once you reboot it the next time it should just boot as normal..It will boot as normal after that. However I still don’t recommend the 10.5.2 update because it REALLY impacts on the boot time and plus all you get is a few fixes :) I say if your happy with 10.5.1 stick with it.

Guide Written by Bryce Thomas aka Bilsta57 :P None of this would be possible without antaholics! :P

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44 Responses to “How to install OSX86 10.5.1 on A Asus VX2S (Lamborghini Laptop)”

  1. Greg says:

    After installing Mac OS X on my vx2s i can’t get it to boot how can I get it to boot?

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    So boot with the DVD IN the drive and hit F8 when it asks you to then type exactly what’s in the brackets ( cpus=1 “Graphics Mode”=”640×480x32″ rd=disk0s2 ) then once it has booted just download and run my driver package and that will take care of the rest so after you install it it will just boot as normal.. Have fun! :P :) ….

  3. Roger says:

    Hey where u able to use your intel4965 card?

  4. Bilsta57 says:

    Nah, Still waiting to get drivers from iwidarwin…He makes the intel wireless drivers but they should be available soon. :)

  5. Greg says:

    I did what you said but i get the Mac Crash Screen after it loads im using Kalyway 10.5.1 from a torrent is there anyway i can get it to boot?

  6. Greg says:

    Ignore the last comment I got it to boot but it always boots into safe mood and I always have to use the dvd to boot and only the video drivers work. Did I do something wrong? Is there anyway of getting it to work like yours?

  7. Bilsta57 says:

    use winflash and when you install my driver package it puts the modified bios in /packages just drag that to a USB stick and open it with winflash then flash it and you wont need to use safe mode or cpus=1…… after all of that is done open your com.apple.boot.plist and just edit where it says -v or -x and delete it and enter vanilla and thats it…

  8. Bilsta57 says:

    UPDATE### I have updated my package and with a new BIOS version and for that safe mode issue just press customize when asked and select com.apple.boot.plist HACKED BIOS after you have flashed your BIOS thats very important make sure you flash it FIRST ;) lol

  9. KUPR41D0 says:

    Hi, big thx for your FAQ.. I real install mac os x at Lamborghini laptop))) I wanted a new drivers.. for wi-fi and etc..

  10. Bilsta57 says:

    @KUPR41D0: If your asking for drivers I have created a driver package just click on the Downloads tab at the top of the page and download it. Also **For EVERYONE**There Are Intel Wireless 4965 Drivers available from http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin . They did not work for me but they may for you I personally don’t know :D .

  11. Krassi says:

    Hi, I installed Leo4allV-3 successfully, used your drivers package, but there’s no driver for Ethernet LAN. Do I have to install Kalyway to have access to Internet? Thanks in advance.

  12. Bilsta57 says:

    There are currently no drivers available for internet :( . Thats the bad part, the good part is that some USB wifi sticks you can buy work on leopard i’m not sure which ones though. :D

  13. Krassi says:

    Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll see what I can do. Regards

  14. Josh says:

    Where would you find this to do on an older
    XP laptop?

  15. Bilsta57 says:

    @Josh: You can check out http://insanelymac.com and they will have thousands of supported laptops and full in-depth guides :D.

  16. Jimpy says:

    Hello everyone,
    all my thanks to Bilsta57 for this great work.
    I Ideneb currently installing 10.5.4 on my Vx2s Lamborghini.
    Then I made the 10.5.5 update by netkas method.
    Everything works except the shutdown. I use the kernel VANILIA.
    Have you any idea to run the shutdown?

    Thank you for the answer.


  17. Bilsta57 says:

    @Jimpy: I’m afraid that the shutdown feature has always been a problem it sucks, I know, but there isn’t really a lot you can do until they re-update all the kernels again :( sorry about that man.

  18. jrccomputer says:

    How did u install that on your computer ?
    it always fails after booting from media and then loading a whole bunch of files it just restarts.

  19. Медик says:

    “good post”

  20. PC Arbor says:

    I like it.
    Thought along those lines when I did a backup recently.

  21. Bilsta57 says:

    @PC Arbor: Thanks for the comment man, cool.

  22. Fran123 says:

    I think that this works with all laptops, im just trying it now

  23. Fran123 says:

    Ok, my laptop can not finf anyhard drive (when i try and install hackingtosh)

  24. Arnas says:

    “your install wont boot so to fix it follow this :” follow what??? it is not booting

  25. Arnas says:

    how to flash bios if winflash says that “The date of BIOS is not later then current version…” and you can only exit winflash utility…

  26. Arnas says:

    ok, so i managed to install and dual boot, but finder always crashes. Practicaly i cant do anything, dock crases too. It works fine when boot from DVD in savo mode, but normal boot doeasnt work the way it shoud

  27. Luke says:

    I cant even manage to make the iso file properly, ! F:\Kaylyway\lp_kalyway_10.5.1_intel_sse2_sse3.z34: CRC failed in the encrypted file lp_kalyway_10.5.1_intel_sse2_sse3\KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3\kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso (wrong password ?)
    ? help please:)

  28. mac leopard says:

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  29. Noah Frecker says:

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  32. Liveengineer says:

    Just thought I;d drop in and say thanks Bryce for your work and the universal driver package. I;ve been using the Ideneb 10.5.5 for the last year on my vx2s with everything working even Lan (via docking station).
    Have now installed iportable 10.6.2 all working as well.
    Much respect and thanks again…

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  34. Lobos says:

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  39. Nikki says:

    We’ve just succesfully installed 10.7.2 on an identical laptop, so thought we’d share our installation method for anyone wanting to upgrade!


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