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Saints Row 2, Buy It Today!

Sun, Oct 26, 2008

Console Hacks, Reviews

Ok when I first made the saints row 2 review it was after I just started playing it, I have now finished it and all I can say is WOW its much much better than GTA IV and any of the GTA’s I have ever played if you disagree then just go and rent it then tell me I’m wrong. 

The graphics are not that* great but hey the story is a lot better than GTA I can say that for sure and the missions are variety in saints row 2 you also have activities which again are more fun than GTA IV for example you drive on an ATV in a flame suit on fire hitting gas lines killing people lol it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you can buy it, buy it, you will not be disappointed it is the best PS3 game I have played besides the Godfather the dons edition, which if you have even more cash then by all means get the Godfather as well.
But force yourself to play at least 10 missions then you start to get into it anyway this game is what GTA should be you can even customize your car, drive boats, Buy boats you can also fly planes and hijack them at the airport as well as having the ability to customize any crib you buy which is awesome, you can also buy from the respective dealer: ferraris, lamborghinis, rolls royces, motorbikes, jetski’s, luxury sport boats and much more.  Also, I will be getting midnight club los angeles soon so I will review that as well.

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