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Well….No iPhone in Australia…So far

Fri, Jan 18, 2008



Well Macworld is almost over :( and no iPhone was released (and no 3G) in Australia or anywhere else i guess this is bad in a way but in another way good

The good aspects are:

  • If you own an iPhone then its pretty much unique and no one else has one especially if its unlocked and working
  • It might still be unique (not out) until 2009 or late 2008

The Bad aspects are:

  • Updating is hard because you have to wait until a jailbreak and unlock is available because you aren’t on an official carrier
  • iPhone accessories aren’t out in Australia or anywhere else (bad if you own an iPhone in an country that doesn’t have iPhone)
  • no 3G….Well i guess thats always a problem anyway

In all i think we will get it in Australia and also get a 3G iPhone and in America as well……Maybe just not until late 2008–early 2009

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