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We’re Sorry, Infinity Ward (The Failure Of Black OPS)

Wed, Nov 10, 2010


So, the reason this post is entitled “We’re sorry, Infinity Ward” is simply because my vision was clouded by hopes and expectations for Black Ops. You see, this all stems back to when Modern Warfare 2 was officially released last year, everybody seemed to have server problems upon release date, no one could connect or join a game. The thing we all didn’t understand was that simply the reason we encountered server problems was because it was that good of the game, everybody wanted it, and for good reason. After playing Black OPS I realized my mistake in buying Black OPS.

Here is the story, most people love Call Of Duty and have huge expectations for it, especially big launches like Black OPS. Most people I had spoken to said with alacrity “Yeh, Black OPS will be far superior to MW2″ sadly though, that’s not the case. Here are my reasons why, firstly we have the server problems which MW2 had upon release date (I’ll admit it, at least it does connect unlike MW2 when it came out) nevertheless there is a momentous problem with the very aspect in which drives the Call Of Duty franchise, its online gameplay. I had a go of Black OPS as I’m a pretty casual gamer (my Brother is a pretty big gamer, I’m not, hence why he does the commentaries on my channel.) and every match bar a few connected to American servers, which is great if you are American but not so much if you are like me and live in Australia. The incredible lag was too much, I ended up leaving 2/3 games due to server problems, MW2 had this problem as well but you would have though Treyarch would have taken note and made sure this didn’t happen again.


It seems that the heart of the franchise, its online gameplay is pretty messed up right now and may stay that way for the foreseeable future. The servers don’t have segregated areas for players from different countries it’s just a luck of the barrel kind of thing, which in my opinion is unacceptable for a $110AU game. The menu system is not very innovative and it’s pretty hard to navigate, it reminds me in a way of WAW (Word At War) which is not good as we are in 2010 they need to get with the times. The new set of noobie weapons don’t exactly augment the online experience, they hinder it. The flamethrower is the most annoying thing I ran into on my stint of playing Black OPS, granted there are other noobie weapons like that crossbow thing and the RC car (excuse my lack of gaming knowledge, as I said I’m a casual gamer). The RC car is awesome to be honest but I can foresee this as becoming a novelty and then a regret, many noobs will probably misuse it and hinder your online games. And that just scratches the surface of the underlying problems that plague Black OPS right now.

I would like to take this time to apologise to Infinity Ward for ragging on them so much, in retrospect they did make the best Call Of Duty game I have ever played. Better luck next time I guess?

–BTW the giveaways will begin next week so stay tuned everyday on this site.

20 Responses to “We’re Sorry, Infinity Ward (The Failure Of Black OPS)”

  1. Jack says:

    I think Black Ops is a huge disappointment. The Nuketown map? WTF is that? I think it’s just such a down-grade from the thrills of MW2. Even the guns look like plastic. I hate it :(

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    @Jack: Thanks for the comment man, I agree.

  3. Davosemi says:

    I have noticed the problems with the server also. Although I think there is an option to local players that are closer to you when playing online, but I don’t see that as a resolution to the problem.

    I don’t mind the game, I think its good so far apart from 1 or 2 small things.

  4. Dylan says:

    I have to agree with you here man. The game is a huge disappointment. It was hyped up very well, but when that is the case, the game always appears to be a let down. I haven’t had a problem with the servers as such, and have barely gotten into any American games which is good I guess. The maps are average, no small ones like Modern Warfare 2, just huge ones that honestly make no sense. On the note of maps, NukeTown has to be easily the worst map I have ever seen in any CoD.. No joke. It’s pathetic. The spawning locations are terrible, spawning next to enemies and getting killed straight away is sooo annoying. >_>

    I guess one upside is the Wager Matches which add a good touch, and it is definitely a lot less annoying then Public.

    Overall, the game is shit and there is nothing more too it. Good post mate, it was a good read and Modern Warfare 2 was definitely one of the best CoD games out. Who cares what any one else says.

  5. zMacintoshz says:

    I think black ops is a failure because Treyarch made it. Call of Duty 4 andCall of Duty MW2 were the best games in the Call of Duty franchise. COD WaW was a big turn off for me. The graphics were terrible In my view. Infinity ward has great graphics. Black Ops graphics remind me of COD WaW

  6. Brad says:

    @bilsta57 cool post man
    will u be doing revew foxtel xbox360?
    i have it and i love it.

  7. Luka says:

    @zMacintoshz I agree with you man, but Black Ops is a good game, it isn’t better than MW2 that’s true but overall the could make it a little bit better.

  8. Matt says:

    I wish I had black ops – seems good. Other than that will the giveaways be on the home page or the news page. And Infinity ward didn’t have anything with creating black ops, only activition and treyarch. Love your vids. Keep it up!

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  11. Michael says:

    As you talk about the region choosing. for servers that is actualy posible, i´m from norway and i can chose nerby hosts and game at anny time i want, but it is still a bad match making system.

    Sorry for bad english ;)

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  13. Donny Chol says:

    Because Hollywood loves to try and make money off of things that already made money, it wouldn’t be all that surprising that someone tried to make Black Ops into a movie. It would be ironic though, since Black Ops is already pretty much a movie that just happens to be a video game.

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  18. Nick says:

    I didn’think it was that bad. 1-10. 8/10

  19. Karl Patock says:

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