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Mac Pro 2009 “Nehalem” Review

Wed, Oct 7, 2009


Ok so the other day as you may know if you watch my YouTube videos, I got my Mac pro and I have been lazy in posting to my site lately so I will start posting more frequently now. Ok so to start the huge difference from all other Mac Pro’s is this Mac Pro is based off the core i7 architecture which is very important because that is cutting edge of processors these days it will also allow me to upgrade the processor if Apple updates it (Not covered by warranty, obviously) so that is great, not only that it has DDR3 Ram which is the latest revision of ram so I can upgrade that so I guess this revision (4,1) of the Mac Pro is very upgradable, in fact I have heard of some putting a core i7 975 Extreme in his Quad core model pretty cool stuff.

mac pro processor2

So getting onto the hardware side mine is 2x 2.93GHZ Nehalem Processors for a total of 8 cores and 12GB of DDR3 ram at 1066MHz with a ATI Radeon HD4870 and an Intel X25 E SSD (64GB) and 2 superdrives, wifi etc. You can see the full specs on my video. This system is so quick its unbelievable and a lot of that has to do with the SSD because your hardware can be insane and your performance may be slow, why?. Well because a HD or Hard Drive has to spin to access files and its not an instant access plus the read times are insane mine is 250MB a second, yeh crazy, and write is 170MB a second anyway if you do get a good computer make sure you get an SSD that is very important.

mac pro overview copy

Another thing to note is that this computer can game with the 4870 and it runs games on very high and for people that say macs cant play Crysis well I was playing it all on high on windows 7 so there you go it can. I also tested GTA IV which ran great and also Batman Arkham Asylum which runs very, very smooth on very high its also a very good game if someone is looking at getting it. In terms of gaming you don’t get a Mac for that obviously, I’m not a noob I know that, but It can run games the same as a windows machine but a Mac is defiantly not ideal for gaming at all, for gaming you would build your own windows pc or get a gaming rig pre built if you don’t know how or don’t want to.

So back onto the Mac pro, it runs smooth I haven’t had one hiccup with the machine it just runs as it should and one small thing to note is that they changed the Hard drive bay sleds for more space for your hands, Thank God!, it was quite bad before because your fingers would get crushed every time you took out a hard drive, its fans have also been changed as well to allow more adequate ventilation. I really like this machine and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a powerful machine, oh and btw it scored 15000 something in Geekbench 32bit in case you wanted to know the benchmark. Also enjoy the pictures and my video :D.

15 Responses to “Mac Pro 2009 “Nehalem” Review”

  1. Brad says:

    @bilsta57 great post man i love the pics :)

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    @Brad: Thanks man.

  3. nick says:

    hi could you explain how i could install a ssd into a mac pro plz?

  4. romain says:

    C’est une bien belle machine que tu a la .

  5. romain says:

    Blista 57 my messenger is( icom95130@hotmail.fr)

  6. Bilsta57 says:

    @nick: Hey man thanks for the comment basically you need to get an adapter sled for the mac pro I recently did a video on my YouTube channel so you can check that out and then once you have the sled screw it into the adapter sled and slide it in.

    @romain: Thanks for the comment man I don’t use messenger sorry lol msn sucks.

  7. romain says:

    Ok Blista57 no probléme

  8. Cal says:

    Wow that must be so fast.

  9. Weaver says:

    As your Mac Pro seems quite new, I have a question regarding Airport Card if one is installed on it from Apple.
    Could you please telling me if there are 2 or 3 antennas plugged on this card (may be a picture please)?
    I’ve wrote on MacRumors on that: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=666644&page=2
    … as well as in a french site: http://forum.macbidouille.com/index.php?showtopic=309913
    Both with pictures, but no answers yet.

  10. Bilsta57 says:

    @Weaver: Thanks for the comment man, I’m not sure how many antennas there are man sorry.

  11. Holy cow, I never thought that I would agree with you so much. quality work!

  12. giveaway says:

    appreciated very much, I have to announce that your blog is brilliant!

  13. claudiu says:

    had snow leopard on a acer (core2duo 2ghz, 3gb ram, 320gb sata2 hdd). programs open almost as fast. it’s because of the leopard os, not the computer

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