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How To Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive

Wed, Jul 22, 2009

Console Hacks

Ok so plain and simple, my PS3’s hard drive (40 GB) ran out of space just recently and obviously I upgraded to a bigger capacity, 160GB to be exact. I think that should do me for a while if I need to upgrade again I will do so but I think for now I’m good, basically what made me get another drive was not only that it ran out of space but I noticed that pretty much every PS3 game you buy requires you to install it to the hard drive which takes a couple GB’s at the least, hell some games can even take up to 7-8GB of space on your HD.

The Hard drive I went with was a Samsung 160GB like I said before, I also got a hard drive docker not only just for this purpose but it will also make it easier for me to take HD’s out of things like the Apple TV and thus will make it easier to hack and do other things to which is great because its much easier that way because you have root permissions etc.


To upgrade your PS3 hard drive all you need to do basically is if you have important files on it go to System Setting>Backup Utility and Back up all your data to an external HD. Then just take out your old PS3 HD and put in your new larger capacity HD, pretty simple huh. You can watch the video below for more info if you want, also I did not plan to make this video and this is not anything I was planning on reviewing you will have to wait for the rest of it so stay tuned for more :D I will also be doing unboxing videos on the new items so I will be making YouTube videos more often. Also enjoy the pics below.

10 Responses to “How To Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive”

  1. Brad says:

    Cool post man

  2. Bilsta57 says:

    @Brad: Thanks man all should be good on your PC now hopefully the cache problem is fixed.

  3. Brad says:

    Cool man check it when I wake up

  4. Brad says:

    it work!!
    cool man

  5. Bilsta57 says:

    @Brad: Cool man.

  6. Brad says:

    :) see you at 4pm ish lol

  7. BALLY says:

    It won’t work at my playstation 3

  8. zae says:

    what do you do for a living……are you rich

  9. Ski says:

    Hey man can you check out the Power A PS3 controller and possibly do a review. These controllers look a lot like the 360 controllers so I thought that you might want to look into them.

  10. Hey hope you are having an amazing day, so glad I found your website. Have an excellent week :D

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